Were any rainbows harmed in the creation of the bubbles?
No. Not a single rainbow was harmed in creating the color. The bubble formula we use is a non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, safe, hypoallergenic formula that is colored by FDA approved food coloring.  The powder that is used is basically food grade cornstarch and is 100% natural and safe.  As with anything, you will want to avoid from getting the powder in your eyes or mouth.

Can my kid run for free?
Children 6 years old and under on event day can participate in the race for free (just a $4 fee to cover their race bib and a bag of color. T-shirts are not included with the kids free admission however you can purchase them during the online registration.

What if I am just not a runner?
Perfect! The Bubble Palooza celebrates life! If you have the ability to smile, then come get your color on! You will find PURPLE grandparents holding hands with their grandkids walking beside GREEN college students in love! This day is about sharing your bubbles and a smile. Run, walk, jog, limp, or wheel… just be there.

How does the Bubble Bash work?
At the finish line you will find that your epic bubble adventure has just begun! Every 15 minutes we turn on the Bubble Blasters and they go to work on covering you head to toe in a bubbly rainbow that will completely rock your world. Then we get everyone together and launch color packets into the air as a toast to life. Everyone disappears into a wonderful cloud of color and awesomeness!

Why form a team?
Teams are awesome. What better way to celebrate this event than with friends, family, and coworkers! Teams are made up of four or more people, running and completing the course together.

Can I bring a stroller on the course?
Yes, however please note that part of the course is on natural paths so be ready to give that extra little push.

What comes with my Bubble Palooza registration?
Runners will receive a rainbow kick’in Bubble Palooza T-Shirt, a race number, a pack of color to throw at the Bubble Bash, insane piles of bubbles to get lost in and a donation to our charity partners.

Can I bring my dog or pet?
Unfortunately we are not permitted to allow animals to bubble up.

Where is packet pick up?
Packet pickup will be the morning of the event. Just bring your printed confirmation and your best smile with you.

How old do registered participants have to be?
To fully register for this day of rainbow splashing http://premier-pharmacy.com fun, participants must be 7 years old. A fully registered runner receives a bib, a color pack, a T-Shirt and will be permitted on the course and be allowed to attend the Bubble Bash.  Little Bubblers 6 years and under can be added to a participants registration on the online signup.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?
If they bring with them a confirmation receipt and signed waiver by you, then yes, they can pick up your Bubble Palooza gear. WAIVER.

Will my clothes and running shoes be ruined?
The colored bubbles have food coloring in them, so your clothing may end up being stained. We advise to wear items that you would enjoy being all colored up!

Is there a way to get clean after the Bubble Bash?
The coolest part of the colorful bubbles is that you will be transformed into a walking work of art!  If you party with us at the Bubble Bash, you will come away looking like you rolled around in sherbert ice cream!  Baby wipes and a couple good showers will eventually return you back to a your pre-bubble bash self.  You may be wet and colorful from all of the bubbles, so you may want to bring a towel and trash bag to sit on during the ride home.

Is the Bubble Palooza timed?
Nope! Have fun! Get your bubbles on!

Can I get a refund?
We are unable to issue refunds due to the scope of setting up the event. If a leprechaun invites you to Ireland the day of the race and you have already preregistered, just send a friend to pick up your Bubble Palooza gear.

 What should I bring to the event?

–   A Bandanna.  As you pass through the bubble stations you may want to have something to wipe the bubbles out of your eyes.

–   A Zip-lock Bag. Depending how much time you spend popping bubbles at the Bubble Bash, you may end up a little wet.  Putting your phone, money and car keys in a Zip-lock is great way to keep things dry.

–   A Trash Bag.  If you spend a lot of time playing in the bubbles at the Bubble Bash, you may end up pretty wet and full of color!  To make sure that you don’t stain your car seat on the way home, you may want to put down a trash bag and bring a towel to dry off with.  Please leave the trash bag and towel in your car.

–   Money. There will be food vendors and Bubble Palooza gear available for purchase.

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