henri nardos bubbles
Way too often in life, we get caught up in the “important” things that really aren”t that “important”.  The Bubble Palooza takes this head on by celebrating life, love, and bubbles. At our core, we believe the most important part of living life is actually living life through love. We are given a choice in this world to express who we really are and the Bubble Palooza encourages and respects this by sharing colorful bubbles with friends and family in one of the craziest bubble-fests on the planet!

How It Works:
Showing up in your whitest t-shirt, you will begin your journey as white as a peppermint marshmallow and when you are finished you will look like you got swept away by a rainbow tornado.  Throughout this extreme course of bubbly color, you will be transformed into to a work of art as you pass under numerous epic bubble machines.  At the finish line you will be given a packet of colored cornstarch to launch in the air and you will able to get your bubbles on like never before at our epic Bubble Bash where numerous bubble machines will unleash a fury of colorful bubbles on you every 15 minutes.

You will become the stuff rainbows are made out of!

Will you smile?
Your cheeks will hurt for days.

Will there be music and dancing?
More than you can handle.

Will you see a unicorn?

Will you know what it feels like to be in poured from a box of Lucky Charms?
Most definitely!


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